Deakin Week in Pakistan

I have spent 10 years of my life in Australia and they turned out to be very important. Australia is where I became independent. I got my first ever job, entered sales, gained experience and made savings then. One of the most important highlights of this decade was my education. During this period of time, I also earned a bachelor’s degree in architecture. When the time came to choose a university, I found that Deakin was the best fit for me. In those 4 years, I saw not only Deakin University transform but I also saw myself evolve. My time in Deakin is what gave me direction in which to start my entrepreneurial journey, and hence the birth of Edwags Pvt. Ltd.

Life is full of lessons and there is no doubt that experience is the best teacher. Despite all that, there is still no substitute for education. Do not give up the opportunity to study, and study as much as you can. This too counts as experience and you never know where this might help. In Australia, I was practically in sales and had studied architecture at University. When I finally came to Pakistan, I combined both these things to start my entrepreneurial journey. Edwags is an architecture and interior design company that believes in creating a positive impact on the environment and society. Everything from the past ten years came together to make this philosophy, to turn this company from dream to reality.

Everything from the past ten years came together to make this philosophy, to turn this company from dream to reality.

Go out to gain experience

Leaving the country has advantages of its own. You see and learn how things operate from a different perspective. In a way, it opens up your eyes. While I was at Deakin, for 6 months I lived on the campus in Geelong. This was a truly unique experience as I was the only foreigner living among 5 Australians. I can say it was a complete Australian experience. I would recommend that everyone should try this out too. There is no substitute for first-hand experience. The only way that this would be useless, is if you don’t utilize what you have learned.

I have been in Pakistan for a little over a year now but in many ways, I have not left Australia behind. The person who I become while I was there, will always be with me. I was very happy to hear from my university in this new phase of my life, last week. Deakin University has recently held an event called Deakin Week in Pakistan. Here, I was not only invited to attend the event, and mingle with like-minded people, I was invited to speak. This was an honor for me. I got the chance to not only represent my university and my time in Australia, but I was in my home country.

I have been in Pakistan for a little over a year now but in many ways, I have not left Australia behind.

Deakin Week

You can say, I was an ambassador for Pakistan while I was in Deakin and now had the opportunity to represent Deakin in Pakistan. How we act in public is not only a reflection on us, it is an image of many different things such as our culture, our background, our education, our hard work. It is a big responsibility. Do not take your image lightly. It defines who you are. Public speaking is a very significant skill because of this. It helps not just maintain your image but also helps create an image. If you want to move further in life, enhance your image. Help others in the process. The value of all your work is enhanced if it is offering assistance to others. Not only is your work increased in value, so is your own worth. Help others to eventually help yourself. This is one of the reasons behind my enthusiasm for speaking at Deakin Week in Pakistan.

With the right intentions and the right inspiration whatever you do can become a success. With these factors behind my back, the event in Lahore was a success. I met other people associated with Deakin and for a brief moment, it was as though I was back in Deakin, Australia especially during my speech. The response to my Australian greeting and the Geelong Cats was remarkable. Overall the night was such a hit that I was invited to attend the Islamabad event as well and make a speech there.  I was pleased to join Deakin for yet another eventful and lively event. One can only hope to spread the message of hope and positivist and I was thrilled to be able to do so while sharing my own experience.


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