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The Formula for Success

Have you ever wished for something to be successful as soon as you started working on it? If your answer this question is a “yes” in your mind then you need to change your mindset. To be able to achieve success, you have to work hard. You have to put in the effort, energy, and time required by that certain project. There is no such thing as an overnight success. This is a misconception. Life is like a race, where everyone is trying to beat one another and get ahead. Time and life don’t wait for anyone. In this fast-paced world where everyone is competitive, those who don’t keep up, they get usually end up getting tensed and eventually suffer because of it. You need to understand that there is no fixed time to reach success and neither are you competing with anyone. Your only competition is you from the past. No one else.

You need to understand that there is no fixed time to reach success and neither are you competing with anyone

I have witnessed many people labeling the phase of stress and tension they are undergoing as “depression”. I believe the word “depression” is overly used. Most people don’t even know what depression really is. I don’t have a good understanding of it either. Although, what I do know is that depression is real and is a condition that needs to be treated by trained specialists. It is not a term that can be thrown out in the air, just because you might be feeling sad or something similar. It is very important to use our words wisely. Why? Because what we say plays a role in who we become. Many of us feel “depressed” when we don’t see instant results to something we had invested our time and energy in. You have to be patient. As I mentioned before, there is no right time or fast track to success.

The Formula to Achieve Success

Nowadays, everyone wants success overnight. They start one thing today and expect it to achieve success overnight. This is unfortunately not how things work. Social media plays a big part in building this mindset. People see others succeeding and achieving things in life on social media and they want that lifestyle for themselves. We see them others posting their travel vlogs or even pictures and lavish lifestyle with expensive shopping sprees. When we look at all this we want it for ourselves as well. These are just some of the few ways in which social media shapes our perceptions of being successful and tell us what we should want to achieve in life as soon as possible.

As I mentioned before, there is no right time or fast track to success.

It takes an average of 10 to 15 years to achieve success and reach somewhere when you start something new. But nowadays people don’t have the patience to wait that long. Everyone is always looking for shortcuts to achieve their goals faster. This isn’t something that is recommended. While looking for a shortcut you don’t want to take the wrong step. This will set you back farther than when you were on the regular path. You need patience. We all believe that life is a race. It is made out to be one too, but it is not a 100m one where you see the results quickly. If you consider life a race then life is equivalent to a marathon, where you have to show patience and persistence, and it takes time and effort to reach the finish line. My message for all of you would be that if you want to gain something in life or you want to reach somewhere, you have to give it time. You have to work hard and be patient. The results will start showing soon.

Gratefulness is Necessary

We take a lot in life for granted. When was the last time you took a pause and appreciated the things around you? In order to achieve success, it is very necessary to be grateful. If you are not grateful for where you are today and don’t appreciate the blessings and achievements, then how can you be grateful for where you reach tomorrow? We should be grateful for everything we have in life. Even for the smallest of things or something that doesn’t directly belong to you. You might not know it but for someone out there the things that you consider small could be very significant.

Gratefulness is something that applies to your past, present, and even future. When we start we don’t have what we want, it makes us feel dissatisfied, sad, and unaccomplished. This feeling of dissatisfaction leads to a mindset where we believe we don’t have anything to be grateful for. But eventually, this feeling does change when we actually achieve something in the first place. The thing is that when you reach your current goals, you will already have new goals prepared to achieve success in. This way you will not be grateful for the previous success you achieved. All of us need to be grateful for what we have at the moment, first. Be grateful for your family, your possessions, and the food on your table, even for the public transport that is available.

All of us need to be grateful for what we have at the moment, first.


In conclusion, what I’d like to say is that you cannot achieve success without having patience and without being persistent in the hard work and efforts you put towards your goals. There is no shortcut to success. Also, you should be grateful for where you are today instead of comparing yourself to others. This way you will be grateful for whatever life gives you and you won’t be impatient for results to your hard work as well. Now just go get it!

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