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Why You Shouldn’t Compare Yourself to Others

Ever find that you’re comparing yourself to others? How many times did you end up doing this? The comparison could be about anything; your education, career, possessions, looks, skills, etc. There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. We’re all guilty of doing this at one point or another. It’s common for us to be impressed by someone to such an extent that we desire to be more like them. This “someone” could be our favorite performer, a public figure, or even one of our peers or colleagues. Advice is needed at many different turns of life and it’s never too late to take some. Considering this, any inspirational motivator and I would advise you not to compare yourself to anyone else. We’ll be discussing why not to do this and how can we further improve ourselves. What we need is to become a better version of ourselves, and no longer feel the need to compare oneself to others.

What an Inspirational Motivator Would Say

When talking about comparing yourself to other people, the first thing to remember is that they are a completely separate individual with their own life and battles. There’s no situation in which it is justified to compare yourself to someone else. You should aspire to achieve more in life. You can get inspired by others to achieve your dreams but when you compare yourself to them it doesn’t help you in any way. An inspirational motivator would say that everyone has their own destiny. The things that you are good at and the situation you are in is unique to you. When your age, goals, and vision is all different how can you compare yourself to anyone?

Let’s suppose someone achieves more than you right now, but they don’t live as long as you either, then who really got ahead? How would you trade that for their achievements and other gains? So you never know how and when you might have the upper hand. Don’t focus on the moment, look at the big picture. Another important point to keep in mind would be to see just how happy you are. If someone is ahead of you in the professional race, doesn’t mean it’s the same in their personal life as well. Material gains and achievements don’t necessarily mean a happy life. Would you rather have that happiness or those achievements?

The things that you are good at and the situation you are in is unique to you.

Dimensions of Being Ahead

What does it really mean to be ahead of someone? Are you ahead in career? Or maybe you’re happier and more at peace than someone? You could have fewer family problems, or problems in general, than the other person. An inspirational motivator would consider these as multi-dimensional points that have various aspects to them. Most of the time we are comparing ourselves to other people while only considering one dimension. However, we should look at the complete picture.

You should be focusing on your own life and be your own inspirational motivator. It should always be you vs. you. Compare yourself to your past, and present, and then evaluate what you want to be in the future. The road to improvement is never ending. There will always be room for it.

It should always be you vs. you.

Self-Improvement and Learning

Like I mentioned before, there is always something that you can improve about yourself because no one is perfect. The best way to do this is by reading. Be it books, articles, or anything else, just read. It is one of the best ways to learn new things. Most people think that their learning stops with education. Always remember that learning never stops. Reading and getting more knowledge is one of the best ways to develop yourself.

Should You Work Hard or Smart?

I believe that a hard-worker can beat a smart person anytime they want to. But that is not only based on hard work. There has to be a balance and combination of both hard work and intelligence to reach success in whatever it is that you’re doing. This is how you can get inspired by another person while also compare yourself to them but only if it is for positive growth. Only being hardworking or being smart might not lead you far in the long run. Working with a combination of both is very important if you want to get somewhere. These things might not seem like a big deal but they are very important. For instance, if there is a hardworking person but they are not working smartly then after a while it will start showing as they would not be reaching the results that they want or they would be reaching them late. The same goes for a smart person, but they are not hard working. It will start showing eventually and their progress will slow down. You can always learn to make up for what you are lacking.

It’s better if you be your own inspirational motivator instead.

I hope that it’s become clear by now why it is baseless to compare yourself to others. It’s better if you be your own inspirational motivator instead. Work on what you can improve and build that. Never compare your achievements and journey with someone else’s, as you don’t know what it is that either of you has or that the other one might be lacking in. Just keep on working on yourself and being better than you were yesterday.  Now just go get it!

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