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How to Choose a Mentor

Haven’t we all found ourselves needing advice at some point in life? Who would be better to advise us in times like these, than someone who is experienced in such matters? This is where a mentor comes in, when we need advice from an experienced person. A mentor will help you provide solutions and give you direction in life. For now, we take guidance from people and books when we find ourselves in a difficult situation. In the future, you might not even have a living and breathing person as a mentor. Artificial intelligence and technology are developing so rapidly that soon there might be digital platforms and apps that take over the role of being a mentor for people, instead of living people.

We see people succeeding in life and we think that they will make good mentors; this is not always the case.

We see people succeeding in life and we think that they will make good mentors; this is not always the case. Just because someone is successful doesn’t mean that they’ll be able to fit in the role of a mentor as well. We don’t know how they reached their success; the struggles and hurdles they faced along the way. There are possibilities that their personality won’t match the requirements of a good mentor. You may approach such a person when you need advice but they might not be willing to share their experiences with you. It’s important to consider many things before choosing a mentor.

Let’s take a look at why having a mentor can be helpful and how to choose the right one for you.

Guidance for When You Need Advice

Whether to have a mentor or not is something that depends solely on you. In my opinion it is always good to have a mentor. A mentor can help you save 10 years work. As most young people have too many ideas and their thoughts are all over the place; a mentor helps provide direction to these scattered thoughts. They give you a proper frame of mind to pursue your targets. In the same way, you can save a few years of your life by reading a good book. It will save you from experimentations by giving you tried and tested formulas on how to deal with issues.

It will save you from experimentations by giving you tried and tested formulas on how to deal with issues.

Choosing the Right Mentor

When you decide to take on a mentor, ensure that you’re making the right choice for yourself. If you don’t, you might end up wasting many years of your life. So always take out time and research, to make sure that the person you turn to when you need advice is capable of taking that responsibility; someone who brings a change to your life for the better. One more thing to be considered when choosing a mentor is the direction. If you have a certain direction that you want to follow in life, the mentor you choose should match that direction as well. If you choose a mentor whose direction is different from yours and you try to follow that direction by changing your own, this might end up badly for you.

Everyone Can’t be a Mentor

I don’t believe that everyone can be a mentor. As I spoke earlier, some people might not have the right attitude and personality for it. People may give us lessons in various fields of life when we need advice but this doesn’t make them our mentors, neither should we make them so unless they are suitable. Different aspects and stages of life should have different mentors. For example, some people might give us life lessons, some might be good at providing business advice and some would work well as educational mentors. Our parents give us guidance and upbringing since we are born. They serve as mentors for the starting part of our lives but would they also make good mentors for business? If they are inexperienced in that field then they won’t be suitable as business mentors. So keep this in mind when seeking advice for any criteria.

An All-Rounder Mentor

It is not necessary that you only have one mentor at a given time. You can have more than one; different mentors for different aspects of life. Although it is better if you choose a good mentor who will be able to guide you in many fields when you need advice. To find such a mentor you need to do proper research. Such a mentor, if they have business experience, will be able to guide you in business. If they’ve read a good book they will be able to share their learnings with you and add to your knowledge. If they are a family person and have a good family life then they will be able to contribute towards that aspect as well.

It is also possible that while they are good at so many things, there might be things that they lack in, too. So for such things, it is better not to take their advice. Stick to your mentor’s strengths and the things that they are good at giving guidance for.

To find such a mentor you need to do proper research.

Don’t Follow Your Mentor in Everything

It is good to follow your mentor’s guidance when you need advice but you shouldn’t try to follow them all the way. Your mentor might have a lot of qualities that you might not be able to copy, even if you want to. For example; if your mentor wakes up early, you can try to do the same but you will fail if you are someone who sleeps late at night. Your sleep cycle will be different and you need to complete your hours of sleep for a healthy system and proper functioning. In the same way, if you like cricket and your mentor likes golf, you won’t leave cricket to start playing golf. You have your own life and you have to satisfy your own likes and dislikes as well.

From everything we have discussed here, it is plain that having a mentor is very helpful when you need advice. What you need to be careful about is choosing the right mentors for the right purpose. It is essential to learn as much as you can from your mentors but you should know where to draw the line when it comes to adopting their ways or following them. Now just go get it!

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